BD3702FV Datasheet – Sound Processor for car audio – Rohm

Part Number: BD3702FV

Function : Sound Processor for car audio

Package: SSOP-B28 Type

Manufacturer: Rohm

BD3702FV Sound Processor


1. Reduce switching noise of input gain control, mute, main volume, fader volume, bass, middle, treble, loudness, mixing by using advanced switch circuit [Possible to control all steps]

2. Built-in ground isolation amplifier inputs, ideal for external stereo input.

3. Built-in differential input selector that can make various combination of single-ended / differential input.

4. Built-in input gain controller reduce switching noise for volume of a portable audio input.

5. Decrease the number of external components by built-in 3-band equalizer filter, LPF for subwoofer, loudness filter. And, possible to control Q, Gv, fo of 3-band equalizer and fc of LPF, fo, Gv of loudness by I2C BUS control freely.

6. It is possible for the bass, middle, treble to the gain adjustment quantity of ±20dB and 1 dB step gain adjustment.

7. It is equipped with output terminals of Subwoofer. Moreover, the stereo signal of the front and rear also can be output by the I2C BUS control.

8. Built-in mixing input and mixing attenuation.



BD3702FV datasheet pinout



BD3702FV Datasheet


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