BD9261FP PDF Datasheet – LED Driver, HSOP 28 – Rohm

Part Number: BD9261FP

Function:  LED Driver

Package: HSOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Rohm




This is LED Current Driver.


1. 4ch_LED constant current driver is equipped.
2. Maximum LED output current: 200 mA(peak Current:400mA MAX)
3. External setting of LED voltage by LED_LV terminal is enabled.
4. DC/DC converter is equipped.
5. Both PWM and analog dimming are enabled.
6. LED abnormality detection circuit (OPEN protection, short circuit protection) is equipped.
7. Short circuit protection voltage is adjustable.
8. Short circuit protection detection CH is individually detected and extinguished.
9. Under voltage lock out (UVLO) circuit and over voltage protection (OVP) circuit are equipped.
10. FAIL function is equipped.




Other data sheets are available within the file: BD9261EFV, BD9261

BD9261FP Datasheet