BGS-2S10N Datasheet PDF – Photoelectric Sensor

Part Number: BGS-2S10N

Function: Photoelectric Sensor

Manufacturer: Optex

Image and Pinouts:

BGS-2S10N datasheet


This Sensor Will Be Discontinued 8/31/2021. Flexible Mounting Hole Design.
The mounting hole pitch is 23 to 25.4mm allowing for easier fixturing on equipment whose beam pitch may have been sLightly altered during maching or replacing older style sensors with a smaller hole pitch.

(Sensing range : white 1-250mm / gray 2-250mm / black 5-200mm)
• BGS-2S25N / P / CN / CP

(Sensing range : white 25-150mm / gray 25-150mm / black 25-80mm)
• BGS-2S15N / P / CN / CP

(Sensing range : white 5-300mm / gray 10-300mm / black 15-200mm)
• BGS-2S30N / P / CN / CP

(Sensing range : white 40-100mm / gray 40-100mm / black 20-70mm)
• BGS-2S10N / P / CN / CP

(Timer type of BGS-2S30)
• BGS-2S30NT / PT

Other data sheets are available within the file:

BGS-2S10, BGS-2S10C, BGS-2S10CP, BGS-2S10P


BGS-2S10N Datasheet PDF Download

BGS-2S10N pdf