BH4126FV Datasheet – Wide Band IF Detector ( PDF )

Part Number: BH4126FV

Function: Wide Band IF Detector for RF remote control units

Package: SSOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ROHM Semiconductor

Image and Pinouts:

BH4126FV datasheet


The BH4126FV is an IC equipped with internal mixer, IF amplifier, and FM detector circuits, developed for use with RF remote control units.


1. Equipped with internal mixer, IF, RSSI, and FM detection circuits.
2. Can be operated at mixer input frequencies ranging from 20MHz to 300MHz.
3. Equipped with a battery power saving function.
4. Fast RSSI response.
5. High FM detection sensitivity. (21.2mV / kHz)


1. Keyless entry

Other data sheets are available within the file: BH4126F, BH4126


BH4126FV Datasheet PDF Download

BH4126FV pdf

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