BK1085 Datasheet PDF – FM Stereo Transmitter – Beken

Part Number: BK1085, BK1085TB

Function : FM Stereo Transmitter

Package: 3×3 mm 20-pin QFN package ,16-pin TSSOP package or 10-pin SSOP

Manufacturer: Beken Corporation


BK1085 FM stereo transmitter


This is FM Stereo Transmitter.



1. Support 64~125 MHz band

2. Fully integrated PLL

3. Digital FM stereo encoder

4. 50us/75us pre-emphasis

5. Max output power 10dBm

6. Output power programmable

7. 2.5 ~ 3.6 V supply voltage

8. Active current 15 mA

9. Wide range reference clock support

10. 3-wireSPI or 2-wire I2C interface



BK1085 pinout datasheet



1. MP3 Player

2. Wireless Speaker

3. Toys


Other data sheets are available within the file: BK1085TB, BK1085QB, BK1085SB

BK1085 Datasheet


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