BP2822 Datasheet – LED constant current controller – BPS

Part Number: BP2822

Function: Non-isolated Buck LED constant current controller

Package: DIP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: BPS Confidential ( www.bpsemi.com )


BP2822 image


BP2822 is a precision LED constant current control chip, used in non-isolated Buck LED power supply system for a full range of input AC voltage or DC voltage input of 12V ~ 600V.

BP2822 integrated 600V power MOSFET, requires only a few external components, can achieve excellent constant current characteristic.

This chip inside with high-precision current sampling circuit, while using the patented constant current control technology, high-precision LED constant current output and excellent line regulation. Chip inductor current in critical mode, the system does not vary with the output current and inductance LED operating voltage changes, achieve excellent load regulation.


BP2822 datasheet pinout


1. Critical mode, without inductance compensation

2. Built-in 600V power MOSFET

3. The source driver, without auxiliary power winding

4. Up to ± 3% LED current accuracy

BP2822 Datasheet PDF


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