BYM63 Datasheet PDF – 300V, 2.4A, Ripple Blocking Diode

Part Number: BYM63

Function: 300V, 2.4A, Ripple Blocking Diode

Package: SOD64 Type

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics ( )

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BYM63 datasheet



Rugged glass SOD64 package, using a high temperature alloyed construction. This package is hermetically sealed and fatigue free as coefficients of expansion of all used parts are matched.


1. Glass passivated
2. High maximum operating temperature
3. Low leakage current
4. Excellent stability
5. Guaranteed minimum turn-on time for absorbing forward current transients and oscillations
6. Specially designed as rectifier in the auxiliary power supply in e.g. switched mode power supplies
7. Available in ammo-pack.
8. Also available with preformed leads for easy insertion.

Absolute maximum ratings

1. repetitive peak reverse voltage : VRRM = 300 V
2. continuous reverse voltage : VR = 300 V
3. average forward current : If(av) = 2.4 A
4. repetitive peak forward current ( Ttp = 55 °C) : Ifrm = 21 A
5. non-repetitive peak forward current : Ifsm = 45 A

Other data sheets are available within the file:

BYM63 Datasheet PDF Download

BYM63 pdf