C536 Datasheet PDF – 30V, 100mA, NPN Transistor, 2SC536

This is one of the transistor types.

Part Number: C536, 2SC536

Function: 30V, 100mA, NPN Transistor

Package: TO-92 Type

Manufacturer: WEJ


C536 image


This is 30V, 100mA, Silicon NPN Transistor.



1. Power dissipation PCM : 400 mW (Tamb=25 °C)

2. Collector current ICM : 100 mA

3. Collector-base voltage V(BR)CBO : 40 V

4. Collector-emitter breakdown voltage V(BR)CEO : 30 V

5. Emitter-Base breakdown voltage V(BR)EBO : 5 V

6. Operating and storage junction temperature range TJ, Tstg : -55 °C to +150 °C

7.  Large current capacity and wide ASO.


C536 datasheet


1. Capable of being used in the low frequency to high frequency range.


C536 Datasheet PDF



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