C8051F020 Datasheet – 12-Bit, 8K, ISP FLASH MCU ( PDF )

Part Number: C8051F020

Function: 8K, ISP FLASH MCU Family

Package: TQFP 100 Pin type

Manufacturer: Silicon Laboratories


C8051F020 datasheet



The C8051F020, C8051F021, C8051F022, C8051F023 devices are fully integrated mixed-signal System-on-a-Chip MCUs with 64 digital I/O pins (C8051F020/2) or 32 digital I/O pins (C8051F021/3). Highlighted features are listed below; refer to Table 1.1for specific product feature selection.


• High-Speed pipelined 8051-compatible CIP-51 microcontroller core (up to 25 MIPS)

• In-system, full-speed, non-intrusive debug interface (on-chip)

• True 12-bit (C8051F020/1) or 10-bit (C8051F022/3) 100 ksps 8-channel ADC with PGA and analog multiplexer

• True 8-bit ADC 500 ksps 8-channel ADC with PGA and analog multiplexer

• Two 12-bit DACs with programmable update scheduling

• 64k bytes of in-system programmable FLASH memory

• 4352 (4096 + 256) bytes of on-chip RAM

• External Data Memory Interface with 64k byte address space

• SPI, SMBus/I2C, and (2) UART serial interfaces implemented in hardware

• Five general purpose 16-bit Timers

• Programmable Counter/Timer Array with five capture/compare modules

• On-chip Watchdog Timer, VDD Monitor, and Temperature Sensor

Other data sheets are available within the file: C8051F021, C8051F022, C8051F023


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