CAT24C01BPA-1.8TE13 Datasheet PDF – 1K-Bit Serial EEPROM

Part Number: CAT24C01BPA-1.8TE13

Function: 1K-Bit Serial EEPROM

Package: DIP, MSOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Catalyst Semiconductor ( On semiconductor )


CAT24C01BPA-1.8TE13 datasheet


The CAT24C01B is a 1K-bit Serial CMOS EEPROM internally organized as 128 words of 8 bits each. Catalyst’s advanced CMOS technology substantially reduces device power requirements. The CAT24C01B features a 4-byte page write buffer. The device operates via a 2-wire serial interface and is available in 8-pin DIP, 8-pin SOIC, 8-pin TSSOP or 8-pin MSOP.


1. 2-Wire Serial Interface
2. 1.8 to 6.0Volt Operation
3. Low Power CMOS Technology
4. 4-Byte Page Write Buffer
5. Self-Timed Write Cycle with Auto-Clear

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Other data sheets are available within the file: CAT24C01B, CAT24C01BJ, CAT24C01BJ-1.8TE13, CAT24C01BJA, CAT24C01BJA-1.8TE13

CAT24C01BPA-1.8TE13 Datasheet PDF Download

CAT24C01BPA-1.8TE13 pdf

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