CBB61 Datasheet PDF – AC Metallized Film Capacitor

Part Number: CBB61

Function: AC Metallized Film Capacitor

Manufacturer: DA Hua, WesTech Component

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The CBB61 is Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor. An AC metallized film capacitor is a type of capacitor designed for use in alternating current (AC) circuits. It is constructed using metallized film as the dielectric material, similar to what was described in the previous answer.

However, the distinguishing feature of an AC metallized film capacitor is that it is specifically engineered to perform well in AC applications, which often require different characteristics compared to direct current (DC) applications.


1. enclosed in ABS plastic case filled with epoxy resin, is of excellent self healing
starting and running circuits at 50Hz (60Hz)


1. These capacitors find applications in various AC systems, including power factor correction, motor run capacitors for AC motors, and lighting ballasts, among others.

Technical Specification:

Type Ambient Temperaturre Rated voltage Rated Test voltage Insulation Dissipation Factor capacitance Resistance (℃) (VAC) (μF) (VAC) T-T:1.5Un/60S -40~+70℃ CBB61 -40~+85℃ T-C:2000VAC/60S  Executing Standards:GB3667-91;UL810;VDE EN60252(IEC60252) ±5% Capacitance Tolerance:±5% or according with the request of customers MPP: T-T:≥3000S tgδ≤ 0.002(100Hz) MPET: T-C:≥1000MΩ tgδ≤ 0.005(100Hz) 1.75Un/10S 250~630 0.4~20 2Un/2S Da Hua (Hong Kong) Development Co. Address: G/F 397 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong

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CBB61 Datasheet