MT6323 Datasheet – PMIC ( Power Management System Chip )

Part Number: MT6323, MT6323A

Function: PMIC ( Power Management System Chip )

Package: VFBGA – 145L Type

Manufacturer: MEDIATEK

Images:MT6323 mediatek pmic


MT6323 is a power management system chip optimized for 2G/3G handsets and smart
phones, especially based on the MediaTek MT6572 system solution.

This IC provides mono 0.7W into 8Ω, high efficiency Class AB/D audio amplifiers and
flexibility for various applications of indicator LED drivers. It supports up to 4 channel LEDs
with independent controlled. Flexible control includes: register mode, PWM mode and breath

Sophisticated controls are available for power up, battery charging and the RTC alarm.
The device is optimized for maximum battery life. It allows the RTC circuit to stay alive without a
battery for several hours.

MT6323 datasheet pdf


1. 3 buck converters and 23 LDOs optimized for specific 2G/3G/smart phone subsystems

2. Full-set high-quality audio feature : Supports uplink/downlink audio CODEC and high-power/quality audio amplifier

3. Li-ion battery charging function

4. Over-current and thermal overload protection

5. Programmable under voltage lockout protection

6. Watchdog timer

7. Flexibility hardware PMIC reset function

8. Power-on reset and start-up timer

MT6323 PDF Datasheet