CD2399 PDF Datasheet – Surround Reverb Sound Processor

Part Number: CD2399

Function: Surround Reverb sound processor ( Audio Reverb Circuit )

Package: DIP, SOP 16 Type

Manufacturer: Shenzhenshi Youngfukang Technology


CD2399 datasheet pdf


A surround reverb sound processor is a device or software module used to create a reverberation effect in multi-channel surround sound systems. It is designed to simulate the acoustic properties of different environments, such as concert halls, theaters, or studios, and apply the reverberation effect to audio signals.

CD2399 is a reverberation processing chip, which has digital-to-analog, analog-to-digital conversion function and high sampling frequency, and also has a built-in 44K memory. digital processing part delay. The system clock is generated by a built-in voltage-controlled oscillator, which is a major feature of digital processing circuits, which makes the frequency easy to adjust.

The advantage of device is that it has low distortion coefficient and noise (NO < − 90 dBV), so it can output high quality audio signal. In pursuit of simpler PCB layout and lower cost, the CD2399’s pinout and application circuit have been optimized.

Block Diagram and Pinouts:

CD2399 pinout


1. with automatic reset function

2. Low noise, typically VNO<−90dBV

3. Low distortion, THD<1.0%

4. Externally adjustable VCO


Typical application :

1. Audio equipment with mixer processor

2. CD-R, car audio

3. Karaoke mixer

4. VCD, TV, electronic music equipment


CD2399 PDF Datasheet