CECL2009 Datasheet PDF – 3W, Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number: CECL2009

Function: 3W Audio Power Amplifier

Package: SOP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: Chipkingdom Electronics



CECL2009 datasheet


The CECL2009 is closed with an overview of patterns and characteristics 3w audio amplifier btl CECL2009 is a bridge to connect the audio amplifier. It can 5v power supply voltage to a load thd 3W less than 10%, average 3w power output. In shutdown mode, current is typically 0.6μa. CECL2009 is to provide high power, high-fidelity audio output and specially designed.

It requires only a small number of external components, and can work at low voltage conditions (2.0v-5.5v). Without coupling capacitors, bootstrap capacitors or snubber networks, it is ideal for small volume and low weight, low-power systems.



1. 10% in the distortion, the signal input 1khz, under different load conditions, power output:
(1) 3 ohm, 3w (typical)
(2) 4 ohm, 2.5w (typical)
(3) 8-ohm load, 1.5w (typical value).

2. Standby current: 0.6μa

3. Voltage :2.0-5 .5 v.

4. The input signal frequency 1khz, 8 ohm load, the output average power 1w conditions, the maximum distortion of 0.5% of output without coupling capacitors, bootstrap capacitors or snubber circuits.

Gain stability. External gain configuration can be changed. A typical laptop computer desktop application low voltage audio systems

CECL2009 Datasheet PDF

CECL2009 datasheet pdf

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