CL1501 Datasheet – Non-isolated Buck Offline LED Driver

This is one of the LED Driver types.

Part Number: CL1501

Function: Non-isolated Step-Down LED Constant Current Driver

Package: SOP-8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Chiplink ( )

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CL1501 is a high performance step-down constant current driver IC, can achieve high precision constant current LED driver. The chip works in the inductor current Pro Continuous mode (TM), the working voltage covering 85Vac ~ 265Vac. Integrated 500V power devices within the chip, peripheral applications without auxiliary winding inspection Measurement and power supply to achieve high precision constant current, greatly reducing the external cost.

CL1501 has a variety of constant current auxiliary function, to achieve excellent linear compensation and high precision constant current effect. CL1501 work in the critical continuous inductor current Mode (TM), the output current does not change with the change in inductance and load, with excellent load regulation characteristics.

CL1501 integrates a variety of protection features, greatly enhancing the reliability of the system. Protection features include LED open-circuit protection, LED short-circuit protection, and under-voltage protection Voltage lock, current sampling resistor short-circuit protection and over-temperature regulation.


CL1501 pinout




1. Wide input voltage
2. ± 5% LED output current accuracy
3. Internal integrated 500V power tube
4. chip ultra-low operating current
5. Inductor current critical continuous mode (TM)
6. No auxiliary winding
7. Excellent line voltage regulation and load regulation
8. LED on / short circuit protection
9. current sampling resistor short-circuit protection
10. Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO)
11. Over temperature adjustment function


CL1501 Datasheet



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