CLC401AJE Datasheet – Wideband, High Gain Op Amp ( PDF )

Part Number: CLC401AJE

Function: Fast Settling, Wideband High Gain Monolithic Op Amp

Package: SOIC 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: National ->Texas Instruments


CLC401AJE datasheet


The CLC401AJE is a wideband, fast settling op amp designed for applications requiring gains greater than ±7.

Constructed using an advanced complementary bipolar process and a proprietary design, the IC features dynamic perfor mance far beyond that of typical high speed monolithic op amps.

For example, at a gain of +20, the −3dB bandwidth is 150MHz and the rise/fall time is only 2.5ns.


1. −3dB bandwidth of 150MHz
2. 0.1% settling in 10ns
3. Low power, 150mW
4. Overload and short circuit protected
5. Stable without compensation
6. Recommended gain range, ±7 to ±50


1. Flash, precision A/D conversion
2. Photodiode, CCD preamps
3. IF processors
4. High speed modems, radios
5. Line drivers
6. DC coupled log amplifiers
7. High speed communications

Other data sheets are available within the file: CLC401, CLC401AJP

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