CM5018 PDF Datasheet – Low Power Narrowband FM IF

The Part Number is CM5018.

The function of this semiconductor is Low Power Narrowband FM IF.

Package: SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Ceramate ( )

Preview images :CM5018 pdf pinout


The CM5018 includes an Oscillator, Mixer, Limiting Amplifier, Quadrature Discriminator, Active Filter, Squelch, Scan Control and Mute Switch. This device is designed for use in FM dual conversion communications equipment.

A Narrowband FM (Frequency Modulation) Intermediate Frequency (IF) system is a component of a communication or radio receiver that is specifically designed to process and demodulate narrowband FM signals. This system is typically used in radio receivers, communication equipment, and various RF (Radio Frequency) devices where the reception of narrowband FM signals is essential.


• Operates from 2.0 to 8.0 V Supply

• Low Drain Current 2.8 mA Typical @ VCC = 4.0 Vdc

• Excellent Sensitivity: Input Limiting Voltage – 3.0 dB = 2.6 µV Typical

• Low Number of External Parts Required

• Operating Frequency Up to 60 MHz

• Full ESD Protection […]

CM5018 datasheet

CM5018 PDF Datasheet