CR6202 Datasheet PDF – Switching Power Supply Controller

Part Number: CR6202

Function: Switching Power Supply Controller IC

Package: DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Power-Rail

Image and Pinouts:

CR6202 datasheet



A CR6202 is a high-performance current mode flyback PWM controller for AC/DC transformer with high performance and price ratio,  which supplies continuous output power of 5W within the range of wide-voltage between 85V and265V, the output power of peak value can be up to 18W.

The combination of optimized reasonable circuit design and bipolar facture
technology with high performance and price ratio economizes the whole cost ultimately




1. Set-in high-voltage power switch transistor of 700V and few peripheral components

2. With the modulation of lock pulse width, the testing is according to the pulse limit current.

3. With the function of output frequency reduction, the non-output power consumption can be
less than 0.25W.

4. Inner-built ramp and anti-feedback compensation function

5. The independent upper-limit current testing controller deals with over-current and over-load
of the controller real-timely.



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CR6202 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: CR-6202,CR6202T