FNR-10K471 Datasheet PDF – 470V, Oxide Varistor – Fenghua

Part Number: FNR-10K471, FNR10K471

Function : 10mm, 470V, METAL-OXIDE VARISTOR

Package: Lead Type

Manufacturer: Fenghua (HK) Electronics ( www.fenghua.com )


FNR-10K471 varistor


The FNR-10K471 is 470V, Oxide Varistor. In general, withstanding surge current is max. Pulse current value which determined by test conditions such as wave-shape, shock times and interval time etc, the change ratio of Varistor Voltage should be less than ±10% of the initial Value. The shock time is the function of wave – shape, amplitude and interval time ,when the amplitude decrease to 50% of the initial, it should be increased to 2 times of the initial in order to keep the life longer, the surge current which is absorbed by the varistor should be less than max. Withstanding surge current.

The basic structure of a varistor consists of a ceramic or metal oxide material with a nonlinear resistance characteristic. When the voltage across the varistor reaches a certain threshold, its resistance decreases sharply, allowing a large current to flow through it and diverting the excess voltage away from the device it is protecting.

There are two main types of varistors: silicon carbide (SiC) and zinc oxide (ZnO). SiC varistors are commonly used in high-power applications, such as power distribution systems and industrial equipment, while ZnO varistors are used in lower power applications, such as consumer electronics and telecommunications.

Varistor Specifications:

FNR-10K471 datasheet spec pdf



1. Widely voltage range 18v-1.8kv
2. Fast response to the rapidly increase Voltage (Mu sec.)
3. Excellent non-linearity voltage
4. Symmetric V-1 characteristics
5. Great withstanding surge current (2000A/cm2)


FNR-10K471 Datasheet PDF


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