CS1694 Datasheet PDF – Dynamic LED Controller – Semico

Part Number: CS1694

Function: Dynamic LED Controller / Driver circuit

Package: SOP28

Manufacturer: Semico

CS1694 datasheet


The CS1694 is a dynamic LED control/driver with multiple display modes 6×11 or 7×10 with 8 levels of brightness inside Control with a key scan function to scan a 10×2 keyboard matrix circuit containing a 14×8 display RAM and A 5 × 6 button data RAM as an ideal peripheral component of the MCU with a serial port Din that can be directly connected to the MCU & Dout Stb Clk The CS1694 is based on the CS1684 package and is based on the CS1684 circuit. Din and Dout are bonded together. Key3 and Seg11 are not bonded together and other functions are the same as CS1684 This circuit is mainly used as a dynamic LED control / driver and also has the purpose of button scanning between the microcontroller and the dynamic LED screen. Ideal components can be used on DVD VCD amplifiers.


1. Using low-power CMOS process technology
2. Variety of display modes 6 Grids × 11 Segs or 7 Grids × 10 Segs
3. Button keyboard scan function 10 × 2 matrix
4. With 8 brightness adjustment function
5. With a serial interface directly with the MCU clock phase data input data output enable signal


Application Circuit


Other data sheets are available within the file: S1694, 1694

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