CS8508E PDF Datasheet – 8W Mono Audio Power Amplifier

This post explains for the Audio Power Amplifier.

The Part Number is CS8508E.

The function of this semiconductor is 8W mono audio power amplifier.

Manufacturer: ETC

Preview images:

CS8508E pdf pinout


The CS8508E is a high efficiency, ultra-low EMI 8.0W mono audio amplifier. An audio power amplifier amplifies the input low-power audio signal and converts it into power that can drive speakers. An 8W mono audio power amplifier provides up to 8 watts of output.

1. Portable audio systems:

Used for portable speakers, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

2. Home audio devices:

Used for amplifiers for TVs, radios, computer speakers, etc.

3. DIY audio projects:

Used for various DIY audio projects that require small amplifiers.

4. Car audio:

Used as small amplifiers in car audio systems.



1. Working voltage range: 2.5~8.8V

2. Class-D structure without filtering

3. Class D mode up to 90% efficiency

4. High power supply rejection ratio (PSRR): -80dB at 217Hz

5. Fast startup time (40ms)

6. Low Quiescent Current (3mA)

7. Low shutdown current (<0.1µA)

8. Overcurrent protection, short circuit protection and overheating



1. Multimedia speakers

2. loudspeaker


CS8508E Datasheet