CX20671 Datasheet PDF – HD Audio Codec IC – Conexant

Part Number: CX20671, CX2067111Z, CX2067121Z

Function  : Low-Power Codec SoC with Integrated Class-D Stereo Amplifier

Package: 40-QFN Type

Manufacturer: Sanken


CX20671 codec soc


Conexant’s CX20671 HD Audio codec SoC is a low-power,102 dB SNR, high performance audio codec with integrated 2-WRMS (per channel) stereo speaker amplifier with Spread Spectrum EMI dispersion technology. Two independent pairs of DACs and three independent pairs of ADCs support Multi-Streaming and Real Time Communications applications. The audio fidelity of the device exceeds Microsoft WLP
4.0 Desktop and Notebook Premium Logo requirements. Additionally, the device achieves a high level of integration by featuring an integrated 5 V to 3.3 V Low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator that guarantees high performance analog audio performance without incurring external BOM, and an integrated 3.3 V to 1.8 V low-dropout voltage regulator used to power internal digital blocks.


CX20671 datasheet pdf



1. 24-bit, two pairs of independent DACs and three pairs of independent ADCs

2. ProCoustic headphone driver, which delivers 50 mW into 32 Ωload with no pop, eliminating the need for an external amplifier and DC-blocking capacitors

3. Integrated 5 V to 3.3 V low-dropout voltage regulator for improved audio
performance, eliminating need for external regulator or power transistor

4. Integrated 3.3 V to 1.8 V low-dropout voltage regulator, used to power digital blocks

5. Integrated 2 WRMS (per channel) class-D stereo speaker amplifier with Spread Spectrum and 10-kV ESD withstand capability

6. Digital Microphone interface with internal MIC boost supporting 2 digital microphone elements


CX20671 Datasheet PDF


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