CYT1000A PDF Datasheet – Linear Constant Current IC

A Linear Constant Current IC, also known as a linear current regulator or constant current source IC, is an integrated circuit designed to provide a consistent and precise current output regardless of changes in load resistance or supply voltage. These ICs are commonly used to drive LEDs, lasers, sensors, and other components that require a stable and controlled current.

Part Number: CYT1000A

Function: Linear constant current IC

Package: ESOP-8 type

Manufacturer: CYT Semiconcotor , JXY

Images:CYT1000A pinout datasheet

Pin Discriptions :

REXT1 2 Current regulation port chip1
REXT2 4 Current regulation port chip2
OUT1 7 Current output port chip1
OUT2 5 Current output port chip2
NC 6、8 Dangling feet


CYT1000A is a linear constant current IC, the output current is adjustable, high precision of constant current, simple application solutions, cost and resistance capacity of step-down, over
temperature protection function, safer and more reliable.


1. Output current is adjustable 5mA-60mA, constant current precision can reach ±3%

2. With over-temperature protection function

3. No EMC Question

4. IC driver and LEDs can share the same Aluminum plate(PCB)

5. The circuit is simple, low cost

CYT1000A pdf

Application field :

1. Bulb light

2. Tube light

3. Down light

4. Ceiling light

CYT1000A PDF Datasheet

CYT1000A pdf

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