CYT3000A Datasheet – Linear Constant Current Driver

Part Number: CYT3000A

Function: High Power Factor Linear Constant Current Driver

Package: ESOP8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: EgoLL




The CYT3000A is a high power factor linear constant current driver on high voltage LED chips, used in LED lighting field. The IC through a unique patented technology, constant current control to realize constant current precision is less than ±5%, the output current can be regulated by the external REXT resistance. The IC CYT3000 with high power factor and low harmonic distortion. Simple system structure, the device has a variety of protection function without transformer and electrolytic capacitor, the IC CYT3000A use few peripheral components, can save the space of electronic components, which can realize mass homework for LED lighting solution.

A linear constant current driver is an electronic circuit that is used to provide a constant output current to a load, such as an LED or a laser diode. It operates by using a linear voltage regulator to regulate the voltage across a series resistor, which in turn regulates the current flowing through the load.

The basic principle of operation of a linear constant current driver is to maintain a constant voltage drop across a series resistor, which ensures that the current through the resistor (and therefore through the load) remains constant. The linear voltage regulator adjusts the voltage across the series resistor to maintain a constant current, regardless of changes in the input voltage or load resistance.





1. With no transformer and electrolytic capacitors
2. Integrated high voltage power supply
3. Output current can be adjusted, the maximum of 60mA
4. Current deviation <±5%
5. Efficiency:>80%
6. PF >0.95
7. THD: <20%
8. With overheating protection function
9. Applications without EMI problems

Applications :

1. LED bulb light
2. LED downlight
3. LED ceiling lig

CYT3000A Datasheet PDF


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