CYT3000B Datasheet PDF – Voltage LED Driver Chip – CYT

Part Number: CYT3000B

Function : High power factor linear constant current high voltage LED driver chip

Package: ESOP-08 Type

Manufacturer: CYT Opto-electronic ( )




The CYT3000B is a high power factor linear constant current high voltage LED driver chip, used in LED lighting field. The chip through a unique constant current control patented technology to achieve constant current accuracy of less than ± 5%, the output current can be adjusted by an external resistor Rt, the chip has a high power factor and low harmonic distortion.

The CYT3000 has the output current with temperature automatic adjustment function. When the temperature is too high the system will reduce the output current, in order to achieve the effect of lowering the temperature, the temperature protection point can be set by the external resistance of the pin RTH side.

CYT-3000B with input power automatic adjustment function, when the input voltage is too high, it will reduce the output current, the amplitude of the current reduction set by external resistor RD, in order to ensure that the input power does not vary with the input voltage.





1. No transformer and electrolytic capacitors are required

2. Integrated high-voltage start power supply

3. The output current is adjustable up to 80mA

4. Inter-chip current deviation <± 5%

5. Efficiency : > 90%

6. Power factor> 0.95

7. THD : <20%

8. With automatic temperature adjustment function

9. With power automatic adjustment function

10. Chip application system without EMI problems


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CYT3000B Datasheet PDF


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