D1N4148 Rectifier – 75V, 500mW, Switching Diode, CD1N4148

Part Number: D1N4148, CD1N4148

Function: 75V, 500mA, Switching Diode

Package: Axial Lead, DO-35 Type

Manufacturer: CDIL (Continental Device India Limited)

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D1N4148 is 75V, 500mA, Switching Diode, Rectifier. A switching diode is a type of diode that is optimized for high-speed switching applications. It is designed to transition quickly between its forward-biased (conducting) and reverse-biased (non-conducting) states, making it well-suited for applications that require fast and precise switching of signals or currents.

1. Fast Switching Speed:

Switching diodes are designed to have very fast switching speeds, transitioning between conducting and non-conducting states in a short amount of time. This characteristic is essential for applications where quick signal transitions are required.

2. Low Capacitance:

Switching diodes typically have low capacitance, which reduces the time required for the diode to charge and discharge. This property is particularly useful in high-frequency applications.

3. Low Recovery Time:

The recovery time of a diode refers to the time it takes to switch from the conducting state to the non-conducting state and vice versa. Switching diodes are designed to have minimal recovery time, contributing to their fast switching capabilities.


D1N4148 datasheet rectifier


Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Repetitive Reverse Voltage: VRRM 80 V

2. Reverse Voltage (Continuous): VR 75 V

3. Average Forward Current: IF(AV) 150 mA

4. Forward Current (DC): IF 200 mA

5. Repetitive Peak Forward Current: IFRM 450 mA

6. Non Repetitive Peak Surge Current: tp=1usec IFSM 2000 mA tp=1sec IFSM 500 mA

7. Power Dissipation: PTA 500 mW

D1N4148 PDF Datasheet

D1N4148 pdf