D2FC-F-7N Datasheet PDF – Micro Switch – OMRON

Part Number: D2FC-F-7N

Function: Ultra Sub Miniature Basic Switch

Manufacturer: OMRON


D2FC-F-7N micro switch


This is Miniature Basic Switch.

Malfunction Vibration

Open contact duration shall be 1m sec. max. when the following vibration is applied;

  1. Amplitude : 1.5mm
  2. Frequency : 10 to 55Hz
  3. Cycle : 3 to 5 minutes
  4. Direction : X, Y and Z axis
  5. Time : 10 minute per axis


D2FC-F-7N datasheet pinout

Electrical Characteristics

  1. Switching capacity ratings : DC 6V, 1mA Resistive load
  2. Degree of protection against electric shock : Class I


D2FC-F-7N Datasheet PDF



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