LTC6268 Datasheet PDF – 500MHz FET Input Op Amp – Linear

Part Number: LTC6268, LTC6268IS6, LTC6268IS8

Function : 500MHz Ultra-Low Bias Current FET Input Op Amp

Package: 8 Pin SO, 6 Pin TSOT-23, 8 Pin MSOP, 10Pin DFN Type

Manufacturer: Linear Technology




The LTC6269, LTC6268 is a single/dual 500MHz FET-input operational amplifier with extremely low input bias current and low input capacitance. It also features low inputreferred current noise and voltage noise making it an ideal choice for high speed transimpedance amplifiers, CCD output buffers, and high-impedance sensor amplifiers. Its low distortion makes the LTC6268 / LTC6269 an ideal amplifier for driving SAR ADCs. It operates on 3.1V to 5.25V supply and consumes 16.5mA per amplifier. A shutdown feature can be used to lower power consumption when the amplifier is not in use.






1. Gain Bandwidth Product : 500MHz

2. –3dB Bandwidth (A = 1) : 350MHz

3. Low Input Bias Current:
(1) ±3fA Typ. Room Temperature
(2) 4pA Max at 125°C

4. Current Noise (100kHz): 5.5fA/√Hz

5. Voltage Noise (1MHz): 4.3nV/√Hz

6. Extremely Low CIN 450fF

7. Rail-to-Rail Output

8. Slew Rate: 400V/μs

9. Supply Range: 3.1V to 5.25V

10. Quiescent Current: 16.5mA

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LTC6268 Datasheet PDF


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