DAC8408 Datasheet PDF – CMOS D/A Converter

Part Number: DAC8408

Function: Quad 8-Bit Multiplying CMOS D/A Converter

Package: DIP 28 Pin

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


DAC8408 datasheet



The DAC8408 is a monolithic quad 8-bit multiplying digital-to analog CMOS converter. Each DAC has its own reference input, feedback resistor, and onboard data latches that feature
read/write capability. The readback function serves as memory for those systems requiring self-diagnostics.


1. DACs Matched to Within 1%
2. Microprocessor Compatible
3. Read / Write Capability (with Memory)
4. TTL / CMOS Compatible
5. Four-Quadrant Multiplication


1. Voltage Set Points in Automatic Test Equipment
2. Systems Requiring Data Access for Self-Diagnostics
3. Industrial Automation
4. Multichannel Microprocessor-Controlled Systems

Other data sheets are available within the file: DAC8408AT, DAC8408BT, DAC8408ET, DAC8408FP

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DAC8408 pdf