DAC8718 Datasheet PDF – 16Bit DAC

Part Number: DAC8718

Function: Octal, 16-Bit, Serial Input / DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER

Package: QFN-48 (7x7mm), TQFP-64 ( 10×10 mm ) Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


The DAC8718 is a low-power, octal, 16-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC). With a 5V eference, the output can either be a bipolar ±15V voltage when operating from dual ±15.5V (or higher) power supplies, or a unipolar 0V to +30V voltage when operating from a +30.5V (or higher) power supply.


DAC8718 datasheet


With a 5.5V reference, the output can either be a bipolar ±16.5V voltage when operating from dual ±17V (or higher) power supplies, or a unipolar 0V to +33V voltage when operating from a +33.5V (or higher) power supply. This DAC provides low-power operation, good linearity, and low glitch over the specified temperature range of –40°C to +105°C. This device is trimmed in manufacturing and has very low zero-code and gain error. In addition, system level calibration can be performed to achieve ±1 LSB bipolar zero/full-scale error with bipolar supplies, or ±1 LSB zero code/full-scale error with a unipolar supply, over the entire signal chain. The output range can be offset by using the DAC offset register.

The DAC8718 contains eight DAC channels and eight output amplifiers in a single package. Each channel consists of a resistor-string DAC followed by an output buffer amplifier. The resistor-string section is simply a string of resistors, each with a value of R, from REF-x to AGND.

DAC8781 Datasheet

DAC8718 pdf
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