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What is DF005S?

This is a bridge rectifier diode, which consists of four individual rectifier diodes that are arranged in a bridge configuration to convert AC voltage to DC voltage.

Function: 50V, 1A, Single-Phase Surface Mount Bridge Rectifier

Package: Case Style DFS type

Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductors

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DF005S datasheet



DF005S bridge rectifier diode has a peak reverse voltage of 50V and a maximum average forward rectified current of 1A.

The bridge rectifier is commonly used in power supply circuits to provide a stable DC voltage for electronic devices.


1. UL recognition, file number E54214
2. Ideal for automated placement
3. High surge current capability
4. Meets MSL level 1, per J-STD-020, LF maximum peak of 260 °C


1. The bridge rectifier configuration of provides a stable and reliable DC voltage output, which is essential for electronic devices that require a consistent power supply.

2. The surface mount design of bridge rectifier diode makes it easy to install and saves space on printed circuit boards.

3. The fast recovery time and low forward voltage drop of bridge rectifier diode improve the overall efficiency of the power supply circuit.


1. The maximum average forward rectified current of 1A may not be sufficient for high-power applications.

2. The bridge rectifier configuration of introduces a voltage drop that can reduce the overall efficiency of the power supply circuit.

3. The bridge rectifier diode is polarized and must be connected in the correct orientation to function properly.


Mechanical Data

1. Case: DFS

2. Molding compound meets UL 94 V-0 flammability rating Base P/N-E3 – RoHS-compliant, commercial grade

3. Terminals: Matte tin plated leads, solderable per J-STD-002 and JESD22-B102, E3 suffix meets JESD 201 class 1A whisker test

4. Polarity: As marked on body


General purpose use in AC/DC bridge full wave rectification for SMPS, lighting ballaster, adapter, battery charger, home appliances, office equipment, and telecommunication applications.

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage :  Vrrm = 50 V
2. Maximum RMS voltage : Vrms = 35 V
3. Maximum DC blocking voltage : Vdc = 50 V
4. Maximum average forward output rectified current : 1.0 A

Other data sheets are available within the file: DF005SA, DF01S, DF02S, DF04S

DF005S Datasheet PDF

DF005S pdf