DG402RP Datasheet – 430V, 40A, N-ch, IGBT, TO-220 – Panasonic

Part Number: DG402RP, DG3D4020CSRP

Function: 430V, 40A, IGBT for LCD TV Plasma

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Package: TO-220 Type


DG402RP datasheet


This is 430V, 40A, Silicon N-channel enhancement IGBT.


1. Type Designator : 2PG006(DG402RP)
2. Type of IGBT channel : N-Channel

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Maximum power dissipation (Pc) of IGBT transistor, W: 40
2. Maximum collector-emitter voltage |Vces|, V: 430
3. Collector-emitter saturation voltage |Ucesat|, V: 1.75
4. Maximum gate-emitter voltage |Ueg|, V: 30
5. Maximum collector current |Ic|, A: 40
6. Maximum junction temperature (Tj), °C: 150
7. Rise time, nS: 400
8. Maximum collector capacity (Cc), pF: 130
9. Package: TO220



1. For plasma display panel drive

2. For high speed switching circuits

DG402RP Datasheet

DG402RP = 2PG006

2PG006 Datasheet

DG402RP pdf