DK1203 PDF – Switching Power Supply Control Chip

A switching power supply control chip, also known as a power management IC (PMIC) or a controller IC, is an integrated circuit that is specifically designed to control the operation of a switching power supply. These chips provide the necessary control signals and feedback mechanisms to regulate the output voltage or current of the power supply efficiently.

Switching power supplies are widely used in a variety of electronic devices and systems, including computers, telecommunications equipment, industrial machinery, and consumer electronics. The control chip plays a crucial role in managing the power supply’s operation and performance.

Part Number: DK1203

Function: Small power off-line switching power supply control chip

Package:DIP 8 pin Type

Manufacturer: DongKe Semicondutor

Images:DK1203 pdf datasheet


An offline switching power supply control chip is an integrated circuit (IC) designed specifically for controlling and regulating the operation of an offline switching power supply. Offline switching power supplies are commonly used in electronic devices to convert high-voltage AC power from the mains (typically 100V-240V) into lower-voltage DC power for the internal circuits.

When designing an offline switching power supply, selecting an appropriate control chip is crucial to achieving stable and efficient power conversion while ensuring protection and reliability.

Different control chips are available from various semiconductor manufacturers, each offering specific features, performance characteristics, and application suitability. Commonly used control chips include those based on popular families such as the UC384X, SG3525, TL494, or the more advanced digital control chips like the UC3846X or UCD3K series.

1. Input voltage 85V to 265V full voltage range
2. Built-in 700V power tube
3. Built-in self-power supply circuit (patented), no need for auxiliary winding power supply
4. Integrated self-starting circuit
5. Current mode PWM control
6. VCC operating voltage range 4V to 6V
7. 65Khz switching frequency
8. Automatically enter skip cycle mode at light load
9. Over temperature, over current, over voltage, overload protection
10. Standby power consumption is less than 0.3W
11. Frequency jitter reduces EMI filtering cost

DK1203 control chip



1. AC/DC power adapter

2. DVD/VCD power supply

3. Air conditioner power supply

4. Induction cooker power supply

5. LED power supply

6. Set-top box power supply

DK1203 PDF Datasheet