DLPA2000 Datasheet – PMIC / LED Driver IC

Part Number: DLPA2000

Function: Power Management and LED Driver IC

Package: DSBGA 56 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

DLPA2000 datasheet


DLPA2000 is a dedicated PMIC/RGB LED driver for DLP2010 (.2 WVGA) DMD and DLPC3430 or DLPC3435 controller. For reliable operation of the DLP2010 DMD it is mandatory to use DLPA-2000 device with DLP2010 DMD.


1. High Efficiency RGB LED/Lamp Driver with Buck-Boost DC-to-DC Converter, DMD Supplies, DPP Core Supply, 1.8-V Load Switch, and Measurement System in a Small Chip-Scale Package

2. Three Low-Impedance (30 mΩ Typical at 27°C) MOSFET Switches for Channel Selection

3. Independent, 10-Bit Current Control per Channel

4. 750-mA Max LED Current for DLPA2000 Embedded Applications

5. On-Chip Motor Driver

6. VLED Buck Boost Converter

7. Low-Impedance Load Switch


Official Site : https://www.ti.com/product/dlpa2000

Other data sheets are available within the file: DLPA2000DYFFR

DLPA2000 Datasheet PDF Download

DLPA2000 pdf

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