DRV411 Datasheet PDF – Sensor Signal Conditioning IC

Part Number: DRV411

Function: Sensor Signal Conditioning IC for Closed-Loop Magnetic Current Sensor

Packages: 4-mm × 4-mm QFN and TSSOP-20

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


DRV411 datasheet



The DRV411 is designed to condition InSb Hall elements for use in closed-loop current-sensor modules. The IC provides precision excitation circuitry for the Hall-element effectively eliminating the offset and offset-drift of the Hall element. This device also provides a 250-mA H-bridge for driving the sensor compensation coil as well a precision differential amplifier to generate the output signal.

The 250-mA drive capability of the H-bridge roughly doubles the current measurement range compared to conventional single-ended drive methods. The Hall sensor front-end circuit and the differential amplifier employ proprietary offset cancelling techniques. These techniques, along with a high-accuracy voltage reference, significantly improve the accuracy of the overall current-sensor module. The output voltage is pin-selectable to support a 2.5-V output for use with a 5-V power supply, as well as 1.65-V for 3.3-V sensors.



1. Optimized for Symmetric Hall-Elements

2. Spinning Current Hall Sensor Excitation

3. Extended Current Measurement Range

4. Precision Difference Amplifier



1. Closed-Loop Current-Sensor Modules

2. DC and AC Current Measurement


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