DRV8833C Datasheet PDF – Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver

Part Number: DRV8833C

Function: Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver

Package: HTSSOP 16 Pin, QFN 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Image and Pinouts:

DRV8833C datasheet



The DRV8833C provides a dual-bridge motor driver solution for toys, printers, and other mechatronic applications.

The device has two H-bridges and can drive two DC brushed motors, a bipolar stepper motor, solenoids, or other inductive loads.

Each H-bridge output consists of a pair of N-channel and P-channel MOSFETs, with circuitry that regulates the winding current. With proper PCB design, each H-bridge of the DRV8833C can drive up to 700-mA RMS (or DC) continuously, at 25°C with a VM supply of 5 V. The device can support peak currents of up to 1 A per bridge. Current capability is reduced slightly at lower VM voltages.


1. Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver With Current Control
(1) 1 or 2 DC Motors or 1 Stepper Motor
(2)Low On-Resistance: HS + LS = 1735 mΩ (Typical, 25°C)

2. Output Current Capability (at VM = 5 V, 25°C)
(1) PWP (HTSSOP) Package
A. 0.7-A RMS, 1-A Peak per H-Bridge
B. 1.4-A RMS in Parallel Mode

3. RTE (QFN) Package
(1) 0.6-A RMS, 1-A Peak per H-Bridge
(2) 1.2-A RMS in Parallel Mode


1. Point-of-Sale Printers

2. Video Security Cameras

3. Office Automation Machines


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