DS80C320 Datasheet – Microcontroller – Maxim

Part Number: DS80C320

Function: High-Speed / Low-Power Microcontroller

Package: 40-Pin DIP, 44-Pin PLCC, and 44-Pin TQFP Type

Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated

Image and Pinouts:

DS80C320 datasheet



The DS80C320 / DS80C323 are fast 80C31 / 80C32-compatible microcontrollers. Wasted clock and memory cycles have been removed using a redesigned processor core. As a result, every 8051 instruction is executed between 1.5 and 3 times faster than the original for the same crystal speed.

Typical applications see a speed improvement of 2.5 times using the same code and same crystal. The DS80C320 offers a maximum crystal rate of 33MHz, resulting in apparent execution speeds of 82.5MHz (approximately 2.5X).

The devices are pin compatible with all three packages of the standard 80C32 and offer the same timer/counters, serial port, and I/O ports. In short, the devices are extremely familiar to 8051 users, but provide the speedof a 16-bit processor.


1. 80C32-Compatible

2. High-Speed Architecture

3. Two Full-Duplex Hardware Serial Ports

4. 13 Total Interrupt Sources with Six External


Available in 40-Pin DIP, 44-Pin PLCC, and 44-Pin TQFP

Other data sheets are available within the file:

DS80C320ECG, DS80C320ECL, DS80C320ENG, DS80C320ENL


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