DT8211 Datasheet PDF – LCD Back Light Inverter Drive IC

This is one of the LCD backlight inverter controller types.

Part Number: DT8211

Function: LCD Back Light Inverter Drive IC

Package: SOP 18 Pin

Manufacturer: DMB Technology

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DT8211 Inverter Drive


The DT8211 is a LCD backlight inverter controller for driving CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp). It drives a half bridge topology symmetrically and provides a near sinusoidal current waveform. It operates at a single-stage topology, constant frequency PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) mode.

This application is an example circuit of 4 lamps inverter using DT-8211. The design
contains protection functions such as OLP, OVP, SCP and basic functions such as
ADIM (Analog Dimming) and BDIM (Burst Dimming). This design is intended to show
how to use DT8211, implement basic functions and protection functions, and design
a circuit. This document contains features, schematic, and bill of materials.

DT8211 Pinout

DT8211 pinout


1. High Efficiency Single Stage Power Conversion

2. P- and N-channel MOSFET Driver Included

3. Wide Input Supply Voltage Range from 7.5V to 45V

4. Maximum Duty ratio of 48%

5. Extremely Low Number of External Components

6. Extremely Small Size of Board

7. Constant Frequency PWM Operation

8. High Precision Oscillator

9. Analog and Burst Dimming Function Simultaneously

10. Analog Dimming Polarity Selectable


Aapplication :

1. 4 Lamp CCFL Backlight Inverter Module

2. Monitor

3. TV

4. Advertisement Board

DT8211 Datasheet PDF


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