MIX2018A Datasheet – 5W Calss-F Amplifier – Mixinno

This post explains for the amplifier.

The Part Number is MIX2018A.

The Package is ESOP 8 Pin Type

The function of this semiconductor is 5W Calss-F Amplifier.

Manufacturer: Mixinno Inc ( http://www.mixinno.com/ )

Image and pinout :



The MIX2018A is a high efficiency, filterless 5W mono Class F audio amplifier. Ultra-low EMI is very suitable for use in portable equipment with FM function.

The PWM modulation structure and gain built-in method without filter reduces external components, PCB area and system cost, and simplifies the design. Up to 90% efficiency, fast startup time and small package size.

The overheat protection function enhances the reliability of the system. POP sound suppression function improves the hearing experience of the system and simplifies system debugging




1. Class D output power : -5.0W (VDD=5.0V, RL=2Ω, THD+N=10%)

2. Class F output power : -4.9W (VDD=5.0V, RL=2Ω, THD+N=10%)

3. Low distortion and low noise

4. Start-up POP sound suppression function

5. Shutdown current is less than 1uA

6. Overheat protection function


Class F List



1. Loudspeaker

2. Portable speakers / card speakers

3. Card speakers / USB speakers


MIX2018A Datasheet PDF


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