E8870DH PDF Datasheet – DDR Memory Hub – Intel

Part Number: E8870DH

Function: DDR Memory Hub

Package: 567 pin OLGA Type

Manufacturer: Intel Corporation

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The DDR Memory Hub (DMH) is a memory translator hub that provides a mechanism for tunneling DDR SDRAM transactions between a Main Channel (RAMBUS* interface) and two Branch Channels (DDR SDRAM interfaces). While all RAMBUS signals maintain electrical compatibility with RDRAM pins, the RAMBUS signals are logically redefined to packetize DDR SDRAM I/O traffic. The DMH tunnels SDRAM packets between the Main Channel and a Branch Channel with deterministic timing. […]


1. Two independent DDR DIMM channels per DMH.
(1) 4 DIMMs per DDR Channel.
(2) Registered PC1600 DDR DIMMs.

2. Write Buffers to minimize large turnaround times.

3. Pass through architecture for Read and Write accesses.

4. Supports 128 Mb, 256 Mb, 512 Mb and 1 Gb DDR SDRAM technologies.

5. Support of RDRAM CMOS signals to facilitate initialization and read/write of registers.

6. DMH internal registers accessed through CMOS signal interface.

7. Tunnels DDR SDRAM protocol over RSL.

8. Integrated System Management Bus (SMB) controller to read and write data from/to SPD EEPROM on the DIMMs


E8870DH pinout intel

E8870DH PDF Datasheet