EG4002 Datasheet PDF – Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor – EG

Part Number: EG4002, EG4002A ~ EG400G

Function : Infrared Pyroelectric Special Chip

Package: SOP 8, DIP 8

Manufacturer: EG Micro



This is PIR Controller

The EG4002 is a dedicated analog-to-digital mixed-signal IC for signal amplification and processing of pyroelectric infrared sensors. It integrates operational amplifiers, dual threshold voltage comparators, reference voltage sources, delay time and blocking time timers, and State controller, dedicated to anti-theft alarm system, the human body door control devices, lighting control switches and other occasions.

The EG-4002 power supply operating voltage of +3 V ~ +6 V, the use of COMS process mixed digital-analog integrated circuits, 8-pin package design, reducing the number of external circuit components and the overall cost, saving PCB board space.






1. 8 pin-pin dedicated pyroelectric chip, the external circuit is simple, low cost

2. Static power consumption is small, 3V power supply when the power is less than 45uA, 5V power supply when the power consumption is less than 75uA, ideal for battery-powered system applications

3. High input impedance operational amplifier, with a variety of sensor matching, signal and processing

4. Two-way discriminator, can effectively suppress interference

5. Built-in reference voltage for internal comparator and operational amplifier reference voltage

6. Built-in delay time timer and blocking time timer, change the oscillator frequency can be set to delay time

7. Little external components, only the first-class op amp configuration gain and oscillator RC devices that can work reliably

8. Power supply + 3V ~ + 6V


Application Circuit :



EG4002 Datasheet PDF


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