EL3B Datasheet PDF – Half Wave Rectifier Tube

Part Number: EL3B

Function: Half Wave Rectifier Tube

Package: Tube type

Manufacturer: Electrons, Incorporated


EL3B half wave rectifier tube



The filament must be lit before drawing d-c. load curret

The anode is desinged to operate at red heat when under full load.

All of the above values are for returns to the filament center tap.



EL3B datasheet pinout


Tantalum Anode and xenon GAS filling

1. Maximum Rated Anode Current

(1) D-c. Meter Value-Continouous : 2.5 amps
(2) D-c. Meter Value-Overload less then 10 sec. : 3.7 amps
(3) Averaging Time : 7 secs
(4) Oscillograph Peak – Continuously recurring : 20amps

EL3B Datasheet PDF

EL3B pdf


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