EMP25P12B Datasheet – 25A, 1200V, IGBT, PIM ( PDF )

Part Number: EMP25P12B

Package: Module type

Function: NPT IGBTs 25A, 1200V – Power Integrated Module

Manufacturer: International Rectifier

Image and Pinouts:
EMP25P12B datasheet


The EMP25P12B is a Power Integrated Module for Motor Driver applications with embedded sensing resistors on all three-phase output currents. Each sensing resistor’s head is directly bonded to an external pin to reduce parasitic effects and achieve high accuracy on feedback voltages. Since their thermal coefficient is very low, no value compensation is required across the complete operating temperature range.

Power Module :

• NPT IGBTs 25A, 1200V

• 10us Short Circuit capability
(1) Square RBSOA
(2) Low Vce(on) (2.28Vtyp @ 25A, 25°C)
(3) Positive Vce(on) temperature coefficient

• Gen III HexFred Technology

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EMP25P12B pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: EMP25P12