MAX6472 Datasheet PDF – 300mA LDO Linear Regulator

Part Number: MAX6472

Function: 300mA LDO Linear Regulators with Internal Microprocessor Reset Circuit

Package: 3 x3 UCSP, 6-Pin SOT23, and 8-Pin TDFN Type

Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated

Image and Pinouts:

MAX6472 datasheet



The MAX6469 thru MAX6484, MAX6472 are low-dropout linear regulators with a fully integrated microprocessor reset circuit. Each is available with preset output voltages from +1.5V to +3.3V in 100mV increments and delivers up to 300mA of load current. These devices consume only 82μA of
supply current. The low supply current, low dropout voltage, and integrated reset functionality make these devices ideal for battery-powered portable equipment.


1. 3 x3 UCSP, 6-Pin SOT23, and 8-Pin TDFN Packages
2. Preset +1.5V to +3.3V Output (100mV Increments)
3. SET Pin for Adjustable Output Voltage
4. 75µVRMSLDO Output Voltage Noise(MAX6477–MAX6484)
5. ±2.0% Accuracy Over Temperature
6. Guaranteed 300mA Output Current
7. Low Dropout Voltage
(1) 55mV at 150mA
(2) 114mV at 300mA
8. 82µA Supply Current, 0.1µA Shutdown Current
9. Input Reverse Current, Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection
10. Microprocessor Reset with Four Timeout Options
11. Push-Pull or Open-Drain RESET
12. Manual Reset Input
13. Remote Feedback Sense

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