EPM3128ATC144-10 – Complex Programmable Logic Device

Part Number: EPM3128ATC144-10

Function: Programmable Logic Device Family

Package: TQFP-144 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Altera Corporation

Image and Pinouts:

EPM3128ATC144-10 datasheet



The EPM3128ATC144-10 devices are low-cost, high-performance devices based on the Altera MAX architecture.


1. High–performance, low–cost CMOS EEPROM–based programmable logic devices (PLDs) built on a MAX architecture

2. 3.3-V in-system programmability(ISP) through the built–in IEEE Std. 1149.1 Joint Test ActionGroup (JTAG) interface with advanced pin-locking capability

(1) ISP circuitry compliant with IEEE Std. 1532

3. Built–in boundary-scan test (BST) circuitry compliant with IEEE Std. 1149.1-1990

4. Enhanced ISP features:

(1) Enhanced ISP algorithm for faster programming

(2) ISP_Done bit to ensure complete programming

(3) Pull-up resistor on I/O pinsduring in–system programming

5. High–density PLDs ranging from 600 to 10,000 usable gates


Other data sheets are available within the file:

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