ER2D Datasheet PDF – 200V, 2A, Rectifier Diode – Diotec

ER2D is 200V, 2A,Super fast Switching Diode.

Function: Superfast Switching,  Silicon Rectifier Diode

Package: DO-214AA Type ( Surface Mount  )

Manufacturer: Diotec Semiconductor Germany

Image and Pinouts:

ER2D datasheet


The ER2D is super fast rectifier. A super fast rectifier is a type of rectifier diode that is designed to switch quickly and efficiently between the forward-biased conducting state and the reverse-biased blocking state. These diodes are typically made of materials with high electron mobility and low carrier lifetimes, which allow them to switch on and off quickly.


1. Vrrm up to 1000 V
2. Compliant to RoHS, REACH, Confilct Minerals

Typical Applications

1. Rectification of higher frequencies, High speed switching Commerial grade

Maximum Ratings


Advantages of Super Fast Rectifier

1. High switching speed: Super fast rectifiers can switch on and off quickly, making them ideal for high-frequency applications.

2. Low forward voltage drop: These diodes have a low forward voltage drop, which reduces power losses and improves efficiency.

3. Low reverse recovery time: Super fast rectifiers have a low reverse recovery time, which reduces the amount of time it takes for the diode to switch from the conducting state to the blocking state.

Other data sheets are available within the file:

ER2A : 50 V
ER2B : 100 V
ER2G : 400 V
ER2J : 600 V
ER2K : 800 V
ER2M : 1000 V

ER2D Datasheet PDF

ER2D pdf

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