ERN1387 PDF Datasheet – Rotary Encoder

Part Number: ERN1387

Function: Rotary Encoder

Package: Module type

Manufacturer: HEIDENHAIN

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ERN1387 is Rotary Encoders with Plane-Surface Coupling for Elevator Servo Drive Control.

A rotary encoder is an electromechanical device used to measure the angular position or rotational movement of an object. It translates the rotational motion into an electrical signal that can be processed by electronic circuits or microcontrollers. Rotary encoders find applications in various industries, including robotics, industrial automation, consumer electronics, automotive systems, and more.

Rotary Encoders with integral bearings for elevator technology:

• Simple installation

• Rigid shaft coupling

• Plane-surface coupling for large mounting tolerances

• Uniform dimensions for various interfaces


ERN1387 datasheet

1. Shaft:  Taper shaft  9.25 mm; taper 1:10

2. Mech. permissible speed n: < 12000 min–1

3. Starting torque < 0.01 Nm (at 20 °C)

4. Moment of inertia of rotor: 2.6 · 10–6 kgm2

5. Permissible axial motion of measured shaft): ± 1.5 mm

6. Radial runout of the measured shaft: 0.13 mm (static, radial offset ± 0.13 mm)


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ERN1387 PDF Datasheet