ESD-FPL-27-8 Datasheet PDF – Solid Cores for Flat Cable

Part Number: ESD-FPL-27-8

Function: Solid / Split Cares for Flat Cable

Manufacturer: Kemet, NEC ( Renesas Technology )


ESD-FPL-27-8 datasheet



The ESD-FPL-27-8 is Solid Cores for Flat Cables for High Frequency.

The KEMET ESD-FPL Series solid cores are designed for use on flat cables. A wide range of Nickel Zinc (NiZn) options are available in bare type and allows for targeting of specific high frequency ranges.
EMI cores are part of a family of passive components which address the issues of noise or electromagnetic interference (EMI) in circuits or systems.

Image and Dimensions :



• Office equipment

• Home appliances

• Inkjet printers

• Consumer electronics

• Industrial equipment

• Test and measurement equipment

• Medical equipment

• Audio-visual equipment


• NiZn ≤ 300 MHz (FM band range) options available

• Solid construction

• Wide range of products available

• Thin and minimal gap solutions available


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