FPC1080A Datasheet – Swipe Sensor, 32 pin PGA

Part Number: FPC1080A

Function: Swipe Sensor

Package: 32 pin LGA Type

Manufacturer: Fingerprint Cards ( http://www.fingerprints.com/ )


FPC1080A datasheet



FPC1080A is a new compact low cost CMOS fingerprint swipe sensor aimed at the portable device segment, with very low power consumption, and hardware integrated support for not only regular image capture, but also for navigation (motion estimation) and automatic finger detection mechanisms.

The features an attractive dark colored packaging, with a hard and durable surface coating. The captured images show a superior image quality, with its high resolution 508 dpi pixel array, and 256 gray scale values in every single pixel.

The reflective measurement method sends an electrical signal via the frame directly into the finger, which enables the use of a very thick protective surface coating, protecting the sensor against ESD exceeding 15 kV, as well as scratches, impact and everyday wear-and-tear. The sensor with its 3D pixel sensing technology can read virtually any finger; dry or wet.

The device is packaged as a standard LGA component, with 32 pads, suitable for surface mounting. The sensor communicates to a host processor via an SPI interface and an interrupt signal.

Other data sheets are available within the file: FPC1080, FPC-1080A


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