FT2820 PDF Datasheet – 4W, Class-G Audio Power Amplifier

A Class-G audio power amplifier is a type of electronic amplifier designed to efficiently deliver high-quality audio signals to speakers or other audio devices. It combines characteristics of both Class-AB and Class-H amplifiers to improve efficiency and reduce power dissipation, especially when amplifying audio signals with varying levels.

Part Number: FT2820

Function: 4W Dual-Pump Class-G Audio Power Amplifier

Package: TSSOP-20L Type

Manufacturer: Fangtek

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The FT2820 is a 4W boosted Class-G audio power amplifier based upon a proprietary Dual-PumpTM topology with automatic level control (ALC). It operates from 3V to 5.5V supply. When operating with a 4.2V supply voltage, it is capable of driving a 4Ω speaker load at a continuous average output of 4W with 10% THD+N. Its high efficiency, up to 82%, helps extend battery life for portable device applications.

In ft-2820, the power supply rail for the amplifier’s output stage is internally boosted and regulated at 6V by an adaptive charge pump based upon the Dual-PumpTM topology, thus allowing for a much louder audio output than a stand-alone one directly connected to the battery. It makes ft2820 an ideal audio solution for portable devices that are powered by a single-cell lithium battery while requiring higher audio loudness.  […]

FT2820 datasheet pinout


1 Proprietary Dual-PumpTM topology

2. Filterless Class-G operation with an integrated charge pump

3. Automatic level control to eliminate output clipping

4. Integrated lowpass filter for out-of-band noise rejection

5.  Maximum output power : 4W (VDD=4.2V, RL=4Ω, THD+N=10%, ALC Off)

6. Constant output power : 3.3W (VDD=4.2V, RL=4Ω, THD+N=0.5%, ALC On)

7. High power efficiency up to 82%


1. Portable Speakers

2. MID

3. Mobile Phones

FT2820 PDF Datasheet